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Food Writing

Box of Chocolates

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They say life is like a box of chocolates… I think you     know the rest of it.  So, why is it whenever I am          given one, the rare time I’m given one, I always          go right to the ingredients?  I match each bon-             bon to the shape that’s described, each truffle to           the flavor it hides.  I rearrange them so that I               consume each and every treat in the perfect                 order.  One after another in a meticulous                    pattern.  And pretty soon, I realize that                        I’m…kinda boring. So I decided: the next                     time you get some chocolates, take a                           chance! I would have- if someone else                         hadn't taken the chance for me. My                          truffles were reduced to foil wrappers,                          my bonbons were all digested.  My                            chance of disorder was quite                                      literally left in disorder, and only                               the bow remained.  Life really is                      like a box of chocolates, and I think              my dogs took that too literally.

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Meeeee-haw. Meeeee-haw.”

            My family was utterly perturbed by the sound I was making, huddling around me at the dinner table as I was held hostage by the highchair.  It’s the story they love to bring up, twenty years to date.  The moment when my limited vocabulary of hiccupping cries and gurgling laughter suddenly became very peculiar.  Very donkey-esque.  At least, that’s how my dad loves to describe it; though my sister did sound just like a cat as a newborn, so I guess it just runs in the family.  No one could really decipher my chant, and it only grew more desperate as I slapped my hands to the plastic tray, sending Cheerio crumbs raining to the kitchen floor.


Food writing

Children's Book Concepts

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Children's books


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I am often wanted when in sight
and resemble what's found overhead.
Often stuck like leaves to a branch,
strung meticulously like thread.
Gone within seconds, from big to small,
for my size may misled.
I remain as sweet as could be,
but in water I'm dead...
What am I?
Cotton Candy
cotton candy.gif
A door impossible to unlock,
to the world of the absurd.
Some might call reality's mock,
Which crumbles once a chime is heard.
At the toll of a ticking clock,
or the tune of a morn songbird...
What am I?
moon gif.gif
A dream...
moon gif.gif
A dream...
Before the sun
sets off to rest,
and stars climb
beside a lunar crest;
witness embers spark
and wader abreast.
Until a palm ensnares
and a lid divests...
What am I?
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